Interlocking Devices - Electric Control Panel and Liquid Resistance Starter Manufacturer and Exporter | Enterprising Engineers, Bhopal

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Enterprising Engineers was established in 1972 by a team of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic engineers. With continued and dedicated efforts, Enterprising Engineers has now over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing MCC, PCC, electrical panels, stator rotor starters, marshalling boxes, switch boards etc.

What started with a humble dream has today transformed into a highly successful and trusted name in the electrical industry. With our constant commitment and focus we are constantly setting new standards of quality, safety and performance.

Our biggest asset is our highly skilled and experienced team that works closely with our clients to understand their specific requirement and accordingly manufacture products exceeding their expectation level. We have an in house competent team of engineers that design the products and processes and same vision is than translated into highly efficient products by our expert technical team.

The end result is a range of high quality products that include electrical panels for MCCs, PCCs & Switch Board, M. Box & Customer specific Panels like Control Desks, Instrument Panel, Starter Panels, mechanical interlock systems, key exchange boxes etc that meets all the global regulation and safety parameters.