Interlocking Devices - Electric Control Panel and Liquid Resistance Starter Manufacturer and Exporter | Enterprising Engineers, Bhopal

- Production Features

We use only highest grade of raw material sourced from our reliable vendors. We follow stringent quality checks on our procured raw material to ensure highly efficient end products.

The main categories of raw material used are:

Mild Steel
Bulk of material used is Mild Steel in form of sheets, Flats, Angles & Channels. These are procured from the market and are of well established quality.

Aluminium, Copper & Wiring Cables
These are used for Bus Bars & connection to Electrical Components. These are procured from reputed manufacturers.

Electrical Components
These are the main functioning and controlling components in our products. These are procured from well-established manufacturers like S&S, L&T, Siemens, Telemecanique, BCH, Elmex etc.

Production Facilities
The Production facilities at our works arc as follows:-
• Fabrication Shop
• Machine Shop
• Painting Shop
• Assembly and Wiring Shop
• Testing Section

Above facilities are adequate for the manufacture of Pressed & Machined Components. Fabricated Assemblies etc., which are needed for manufacture of Switchgear/ Control Gear Equipments, Control and Relay Panels, Power Control Centres, Mechanical Interlocks and Motor Starters.

A Packing & Despatch section takes care of safe packing and prompt despatch of manufactured products to customers.

Fabrication Shop
• Power Shearing Machine, Portable Shearing Machine, Power Press Brake, Power Presses Hand, Power Presses Hacksaw, Portable Hacksaw Nibblinig Machine
• Compressor Arc Welding Set, Spot Welding Machine, Welding Generator Portable, Electrical Blower Electric Oven
• Chain Pulley Block (2 Tonnes )
• Welding Fixtures, Sand Disc Grinder
• Hand Grinder

Machine Shop
• Lathe Machine, Special Purpose Lathe Shaping Machine, Universal Milling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine Templates
• Bench Grinders Bench / Buff Grinder, Portable Drilling Machine, Double Column Drilling Machine, Drill Jigs

Measuring Instruments for Machine Shop
• Surface Plates Straight Edges
• Micrometers Vernier Calipers
• Height Gauge, Go-Not-Go Gauges, Depth Gauge

Painting Shop
• Panels are fabricated by using, as far as possible, Cold-Rolled sheet steel. After fabrication, the entire sheet metal work undergoes Mechanical / Chemical pretreatment and painting.
• Seven Tank Process has been installed to derust, degrease & to Phosphatise the Sheet Steel Fabricated Panels.
• Heavy M.S. fabricated Assemblies are Shot-Blasted to remove rust and grease before painting.
• Two coats of Red Oxide / Zinc Rich Primer Paint and Two coats of Synthetic Enamel Paint are applied.
• Hardware used for assembly are Zinc Plated & Yellow passivated. (5-10 Microns)

Assembly & Wiring Shop
Experienced filters and skilled Wireman with adequate tools & tackles carryout assembly and wiring work of various products as per relevant standards

Testing Facilities
• Need for proper testing facilities for any electrical product cannot be underestimated. Swichgear / Controlgear products are Control - cum - Protection equipment, hence providing the designed characteristics and verifying the same by testing are all the more essential. The following tests are conducted at our works-Testing & Inspection of all incoming materials.
• Routine Tests such as Continuity Test, Meggaring. High Voltage Test and Operational Tests arc conducted on the manufactured assemblies and products before despatch.
• Type Testing of products arc carried out in any reputed laboratory as and when required.
• Our make Motor Control Centres and Distribution Boards have been Type - tested for Short Circuit withstand level of 50KA for 1 Sec, to confirm to IS 823 (Part 2).
• Our Control Panels have been Type - tested for Dust and Water Proof feature as per protection clause IP-55 of IS:2147.
• Heat run test upto 3000 Amps .can be carried out in - house by us to confirm to IS 8623 (Part I).