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- Quality Control

We have sophisticated Quality Control Department equipped with modern testing facility and backed up by qualified and experienced persons to ensure better quality products. We use only highest-grade raw material sourced from reliable vendors. Similarly all components used are of original make procured through authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturers.

Each component is inspected and tested by Q.C. department prior to use. Further stage inspections are carried out to ensure defect free product. And before final dispatch, rigorous testing of the panel is done to ensure adherence to specifications and avoid problems at site.

Welding is the only activity in our workshop where inspection at a later stage will not reveal its capabilities.

Quality procedure adopted for welding activity is: Most cases involve 3mm to 5mm thick. Mild Steel cold rolled and hot rolled. These are cut and bent in required shapes and are but welded lap welded to other sheet components, base frames support members like Channels or Angles to produce Cubicles, Boxes, Tanks etc. Member to be welded are prepared by cleaning along the joint and then tack welding to retain them in position. These are then continuously welding to produce a sound blowhole proof weld seam electrodes used are 2.5mm to 3mm Dia with rutile coating. These are stored in dry enclosure and taken out when needed for actual welding.