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- Grid Rotor Starter Panel (for starting duty)

Grid Rotor Starter Panel (for starting duty) will be made-out/fabricated by 2mm thk. CRCA MS sheet steel, dust & vermin proof construction, front operated, self supported, free standing, floor mounting type, external & internal surfaces cleaned by chemical treatment, duly spray painted with approved paint shade.

Grid Rotor Starter Panel (for starting duty) will be provided ‘Reputed make’ adequate rating & nos. of AC3 duty Air Break Power contactor for Final short-circuiting & Step Contactor for smoothly cutting of resistance and adequate rating & nos. of Timers of ‘Reputed make’ and a set of SS Punched type Grid resistance elements to provide smooth cutting of resistance in required steps in rotor circuit of motor thereby reducing the starting current & increasing the starting torque, for final short-circuiting the resistance when motor attains full speed/to start the motor. It will have Interlocking arrangement/circuit for your/consignee’s Stator control panel, so that, Main motor can not be started unless resistance is in fully ‘IN’ Position. The Grid Rotor Starter Panel (for starting duty) will have all the circuit elements in line to meet Technical requirements to start the motor Locally & Automatically.