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- Control And Relay Panels

Wide variety for different applications like :
1) Control of H.T. circuit breakers, provided with protection, instrumentation and control. these are used commonly in H.T. sub-stations.
2) Machine panels for remote or local control of electrical motors.
3) Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels for DG sets.
4) D.G. synchronizing panels.
5) Automatic power factor correction panels.
6) Crane control panels.
7) PLC based automation panels for automatic control of various operations in process industries.
8) AC/DC drive panels for variable speed of various motors.

Sheet steel fabricated self standing or wall mounting type, dust and vermin proof (type tested up-to IP-55), with front or back doors.

Marshalling Box or Kiosks ( Steel Sheet / Aluminium Sheet Fabricated)
For transformers, switch yard and other equipments, self-standing type / equipment mounted / wall mounted types, front or front and front and rear opening. type tested IP-55.

Remote Tap Changer Control Panels For Transformers
Self standing type, equipment mounted and wired rear opening, type tested up-to IP-55.

Motor Starter Panels (Pol & Star - Delta )
Direct on line & star - delta motor starters complete with indication and measuring instruments and protection relays. Totally enclosed in dust and vermin proof sheet steel enclosure suitable for floor or wall mounting.